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We have one FRONIUS 2000 Inverters and two FRONIUS 4000 Inverter

 Fronius 2000           Fronius 4000           Fronius 4000

The energy from worldwide sunlight amounts to a total of about 1,540,000,000,000,000,000 kWh/year
(1,540 Peta kWh/year). This is 15,000 times as much as the electricity consumption worldwide. The word �photovoltaic� comes from the driving force behind this technology, which is light. When light strikes photovoltaic cells, a voltage and current is created.

Power output and voltage are increased by combining a number of solar cells. If solar modules are connected in series like on a string, both the output power as well as the voltage will increase.  In a parallel connection of several such strings the output power and the output current will increase, while the voltage will remain unchanged. The combination of all solar modules connected in series and parallel is called a solar array.

The direct current generated in the solar modules can only be fed into the grid or used in your home after having been transformed by an inverter.

For information you can click on the the FRONIUS Manual


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