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Welcome to our Lewis Solar Home Web Site

We started this web site to better educate our family and friend on solar energy.  As prices of Gas, and Oil skyrocket.  We are located in Warwick, RI  USA.  We have 55 - 187 Watt Kyocera Solar Panels on our roof which generates over 10.285 kW/DC Photovoltaic Power.

 Winter 2012 was not a good Solar Season:
The snow stay on the roof for longer than expected

 March 1, 2013 we are getting close to 100,000 kWhrs of Solar Power: Our Solar meter hit 99,560 kWhrs   We are very pleased with our results,  See this link for six years of data on solar power we generated in Warwick, RI USA

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                                our collectors to harvest  FREE ENERGY from the sun!

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